10 Tips To Help You Create More Agile Teams

If you give a man a hammer, he’ll have a hard time cutting down a tree. If you give him a saw, it will go better. If you give him a chainsaw, the job will be done even quicker. If you give him a machine that can uproot a tree, cut it up, and move onto the next one in seconds, you’ll see extreme agility indeed!

Here’s the point: if you want employees to be productive, you’ve got to give them the right tools for the job. They need to have fast computers, cutting edge technology, optimized protocols, and the ability to make decisions in the moment. The following are ten tips to help you make your team more agile.

1. Increased Mobility

2. Cloud-Based Applications

There are additional cloud-based applications which can be used in conjunction with things like BYOD and Clockspot. Consider DaaS, or Desktop as a Service. This allows any terminal with approved access and an internet connection to connect with the same network as the home office. Disparate branches are consolidated, and all updates are stored in the system — it’s all-around efficient.

3. Personalized Website Design

4. Website Development Tools

5. Incorporating Pharmaceutical Solutions

If you’re not familiar with Nootropics, they’re basically “smart drugs,” or “cognitive enhancers,” if you want to be fancy. They’re supplements that are either artificial or natural which are designed to make the mind work better. For things like creativity and memory, or motivation, Nootropics can be key — but those taking them should be in good health beforehand.

6. Exercise

Now with a distributed team, this may be difficult to implement; but you could make an exercise regimen among distributed teams part of company policy. Healthier employees will be smarter, happier, and more efficient. If you don’t have the legal authority to institute a fitness program, then reward those who take care of their health.

7. Encourage Friendly Rivalry Between Teams

Additionally, this contributes to a fun corporate culture. Good corporate culture keeps employees around longer, meaning your investment in them as a company asset is able to mature and increase in profitability.

8. Establish an Amenable Corporate Culture

It’s a lot like a family. A family is a kind of team, and though it functions as a unit, each member has different functions. Father and mother have leadership roles, while children function in a support capacity. But you can’t treat big sister like little brother; they’ve got different needs and talents. Those must be addressed and encouraged.

9. Ladder Climbing

However, you can’t have teams functioning in a static environment, or they’ll hit a peak of effectiveness quickly, and then just as quickly taper off, forcing you to create a new team. This gets costly over time.

10. Decision Making

Continuously Improve Agile Teams

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Originally published at blog.proto.io on October 10, 2017.

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