11 Best Mobile Apps of 2018

Best Apps for Designers in 2018

Affinity Designer — One of the Best Mobile Vector Apps Available

Image courtesy of Affinity.

MediBang: A Great Tool for Drawing on the Go

Overflow.io: Quick, Beautiful User Flow

Best Mobile Games of 2018

Alto’s Adventure: A Beautiful New Mobile Classic

GIF courtesy of Alto.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile — Battle Royal Carnage on the Go

Looks like they found a fun new mobile game.

Top Apps for Safety and Security Browse a Little Faster — and a Lot Safer

bSafe: A Full-Featured Safety App

bSafe can help women walking alone feel safer.

Best Health Apps

Insight Timer: Everything You Need to Meditate

Image courtesy of Insight.

The Fabulous App: Get Serious About Better Habits

Screenshot courtesy of Fabulous.

Best VR Apps

Colosse: A Compelling Real-time Story

NYT VR: An Expanding Library of High-quality VR Movies

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