2022 UX Design Trends

What 2022 UX Design Trends Can We Look Forward to?

1. More Remote Work

Work from home has become the norm for many designers since 2020.

2. The Metaverse

3. Personalization

4. Inclusive Design

Make sure your website is compatible with screen readers to ensure vision-impaired users can access your products, services, and content.

5. Simplification

6. Honorable Mentions

What Designers Hope to See This Year

A new year is here. Let’s make the most of each day.

Where the Design Industry Could Be Going in 2022

  • Addressing pipeline issues when it comes to talent and diversity
  • Providing more support to mid to senior designers through execution
  • Bringing in fresh perspectives based on newness to the field
  • Building loyalty by hiring early in a person’s career”.



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