5 Mobile App Prototyping Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Use the Right App Prototyping Model For Each Phase

Proto.io lets you made functional mobile app prototypes without typing a single line of code.

Experiment with New Mobile Prototyping Use Cases

  • A low-fidelity mockup to illustrate a particular user flow concept.
  • A sketch of one sequence of actions, such as user onboarding.
  • A model of one particular screen, showcasing animations and interactions.
  • An idea for integrating a new feature into an existing app.
With Proto.io’s mobile app, you can check your prototype from anywhere.

Optimize Your Prototype for Performance

Put on another pot of coffee. It always helps us problem-solve.

Take Advantage of Design Patterns and Libraries

The mobile app prototyping phase is a great time to work out your user flow.

Err on the Side of Realism

Users are rarely sitting still. Make sure your mobile app is ready for mobile users.

Mobile App Prototyping is More Than a Precursor to Production



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