There is never a wrong time to prototype, as apps can (and should!) constantly be updated. We’re going to explore today to determine the best time to prototype so that you can reap all the benefits, no matter what stage of the app or website building process you’re currently in.

Prototype When You Need to Validate Your Business Idea

The biggest apps don’t often start from scratch. There are conventions they keep in mind when trying to design a smash hit. So what exactly do these apps get right, and how can app developers and designers get on the fast track to a blockbuster app?

1. The Tech Stack

The Amazon Fire phone…

Whether you’ve just received a job offer or are trying to increase your earnings after several years on the job, all designers could use a little guidance when trying to negotiate their salary. Some companies are tricky and never mention a salary range, keeping the entire process shrouded in mystery…

This month’s round-up of the top mobile interaction designs has it all: from the important to the trivial to the whimsical. What is design if not a window into what matters to designers around the globe? The app concepts featured in this edition cover several different parts of the human…

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