Material Design is a design system invented by Google to build better mobile experiences on Android and beyond. The company defines it as “a visual language for our users that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science.”

We’ve written extensively about the philosophies behind Material Design, and today we hone in on the resources designers leverage to speed up the design process. In particular, a Material Design kit can help designers gain access to fonts, palettes, shapes, and more that will help them prototype faster. Designers shouldn’t have to create everything…

As summer starts to fade away, we look to designers around the globe to understand what they’ve been working on and how it can inspire our fall projects. From tipping apps that help you thank your waiter to mobile interaction designs that reimagine how call-to-action buttons work, our roundup this month is sure to get your creative wheels turning.

1. Tip Your Waiter App Animation by Conceptzilla

Depending on where you are in the world, tipping is either a requirement that makes up a large part of waiters’ income or a nice gesture after great service. This mobile app concept…

Whether you’ve just received a job offer or are trying to increase your earnings after several years on the job, all designers could use a little guidance when trying to negotiate their salary. Some companies are tricky and never mention a salary range, keeping the entire process shrouded in mystery until an offer letter arrives. This is best avoided by asking the recruiter about what amount is budgeted for the position (which we’ll discuss further below).

While below we talk about how you can negotiate your design salary, these tips can also work across other types of positions. …

This month’s round-up of the top mobile interaction designs has it all: from the important to the trivial to the whimsical. What is design if not a window into what matters to designers around the globe? The app concepts featured in this edition cover several different parts of the human experience, especially when it comes to the need for healthcare and hope for a better future. Let’s get right into these designs.

1. Elfie — Healthcare App by Etheric

Having a high-level view of your health is essential these days. Elfie tracks the number of health metrics and gives users…

So you want to design an app. With countless apps across several app stores, making it to the top of the charts is a tall order. If you want to go for gold on the app stores, there are certain steps you must follow to make your ascent easier.

Prototyping is our bread and butter here at We help designers, entrepreneurs, product managers, and developers alike create prototypes that simplify the process of getting stakeholder buy-in, fundraising, and ultimately launching the app. But all designers have to start from square one and designing your first prototype can seem daunting…

With summer finally here, it’s time to take stock of amazing mobile app designs that have popped up over the last few months. Let’s get right into the five we chose for the summer 2021 edition of the top mobile app designs.

1. Nextdoor by Nextdoor

As we get a glimpse of light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, many people are excited to further connect with their local communities. Nextdoor is an app that facilities discussions, polls, and commerce amongst neighbors. It offers a largely card and photo-based mobile app design that helps users discover small businesses and get a pulse check…

Summer is finally here and some pockets of the world are experiencing a level of hope not seen since early 2020. No matter if cases have risen or fallen locally, designers have still been plugging away to create wonderful mobile interaction designs that are sure to inspire their fellow creatives near and far. Let’s jump right into the designs that caught our attention this month.

1. Flower Delivery Mobile App Animation by Vitalii Burhonskyi for Zajno Crew

Bringing a little joy to someone else’s life never goes out of style. Especially during the pandemic, getting something lovely delivered, like a bouquet of flowers, was a nice way to remind friends and family…

Creating an app takes time, money, and confidence. While we previously discussed exactly how hard it is to make an app , we wanted to discuss the other side: how the app creation process can be more efficient. We talked with app developers large and small that have successfully brought apps to market to accomplish this. With their mobile app creation tips, aspiring entrepreneurs (whether technical or not) can avoid the mistakes they made and get their app into customers’ hands faster. Let’s explore their strategies to create an app.

Build a Team

Diane Hamilton, co-founder & Managing Partner at Binary Formations

If you work with designers or aspire to, you must know their language in order to move projects along faster. This article explores how non-designers like entrepreneurs, marketers, and project managers can acquire the design skills they need to bridge the design gap. To dig into the topic, we spoke with professionals worldwide who have taught themselves design skills and work with designers often. From online programs taken in their spare time to institutionalized design training for the whole company, here’s what they had to say about gaining design skills to bridge the gap.

Start with Online Courses

There are so many online resources…

With spring fully in swing, limitless designers are releasing their new mobile interaction designs for the world to see. This month we dig into five designs that caught our eye due to their ability to take popular design philosophies and approach them from a new angle. Let’s get to the designs!

1. Day Planner iOS App by Gleb Kuznetsov

Calendar apps haven’t usually been the most design-centric as highly utilitarian tools, but this designer takes it to the next level by offering a minimal, focused design. What we appreciate about this mobile interaction design is its layout of cards that make it easy to see the calendar from…

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