Design philosophies tap into schools of thought that bring out the best in the design world. In the past, we’ve explored the top 10 design philosophies of all time, and today we circle back to determine which philosophies still hold true five and a half years later. Read on below to hear our fresh take.

1. Form Versus Function

This is an age-old debate in the design community (one that we’ve engaged in ourselves.) The consensus seems to be that function comes first, and form must serve a function, but there is always room for debate. Design concerns itself with the coolest color schemes…

We can’t believe that spring is finally here. After a particularly dark winter, we’re becoming hopeful that change is on the horizon. Just as the flowers start blooming, so too do ideas from app designers from around the world. In this installment of the best mobile app designs, we dig into some sleek UIs that you can’t miss. Let’s get started!

1. CountThings by Dynamic Ventures, Inc.

We all know that amazing moment when technology solves real-world problems. CountThings is one such app that allows users to count objects with just a photo. Think about how much time this can save in various sectors: no more…

As this pandemic recedes with vaccine doses becoming more available, there is a global hope that it might be behind us soon. Despite the ups and downs of the winter, designers have been hard at work trying our new mobile interaction designs and wowing their fellow creatives on the opposite side of the world. This month we take a look at five designs that caught our attention and break down the key elements that designers might want to emulate.

1. Minimum Awesome Product by Lukáš Straňák for PLATFORM

We are totally for leaning into the “minimum awesome product” instead of the typical minimum advertised product. Lukáš approaches video recording…

Early-stage products don’t have to be perfect, and they certainly can’t be everything to everyone. A common misperception (especially on the consumer side) is that a great product has to have a lot of features and functionalities. In reality, the best products do at least one thing very, very well. Sure, there are multifaceted products on the market that accomplish a whole host of things, but they didn’t start that way. Instead, they started with their core features and worked up from there. …

Team synergy is required to move projects forward faster. But it’s easy to have misunderstandings across different roles, time zones, and cultures. In particular, the relationship between designers and developers could use some work. Both groups would benefit from a bit more mutual understanding to make sure timelines and requests are realistic. To get to the bottom of this, we talked with developers to understand the essential things developers need designers to know. Read on below to dig into our findings.

1. Communication Needs to Be Straightforward

The key to any successful relationship is clear communication, which is especially true of the developer-designer dynamic. There is…

It has been quite the start to the year. From extreme weather to political unrest to the ongoing pandemic, it is a lot to manage. In order to take your mind away from it all and get those creative juices flowing, we’ve put together our monthly installment of the best mobile interaction designs. Read on below to see our picks for February.

1. Weather App by KhoaVu

Weather apps are typically quite plain, but this mobile interaction design approaches the utility app with style and plenty of motion. First, as the temperature is calculated, the numbers tick up until they land on the current temperature…

Mobile app design is often centered on getting users to take action: buy a product, play another game, send a message. This requires designers to understand what they want users to do and design the flow to persuade them to take that action. But not all actions are created equally. Some persuasive design tricks are aimed at getting us to “buy now.” Have you ever seen a “seven people have booked this hotel in the last 24 hours” message? That is a design element that aims to give an added layer of social proof to get browsers to become customers.

There is a science to creating trendy products. It all starts with tapping into something that your target market finds familiar and building upon it. This article will break down the five steps entrepreneurs need to follow when making a popular product.

What Makes a Product Popular?

There isn’t an exact formula, but below, we go over some of the leading factors that impact. First, a popular product is useful. This varies significantly; TikTok entertains, New York Times informs, and Venmo helps us send and receive money. A product needs to have a core function that it masters. However, some products can be imperfect if…

As we lean into winter and get used to it being 2021, designers have been hard at creating interesting mobile interaction designs. These creations reimagine the way we delete content, store data, and more. Read on below to learn more.

1. Cloud Storage App Interactions by tubik

Cloud storage is a must these days to back up data and access it everywhere we go. There is a lot to love in this mobile interaction design, from the way the cards fall and bounce into place to the smooth transitions when tapping into a section using the pop-up menu. But the design element that we love the most…

As we settle into this new year, there is so much we all learned from 2020. Looking forward, the world remains hopeful that 2021 will bring positive change and a ubiquitous vaccine. In the middle of all of this, designers have stayed as active as ever, pumping out amazing mobile app designs that help us all get healthy, keep our finances in order, and stay informed. Let’s jump right into the top mobile app designs that we picked out this season.

1. Auro by Flexible Fitness Technologies Limited

Around this time of the year, people around the world set their resolutions to improve their lives. Working out…

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