Creating an app takes time, money, and confidence. While we previously discussed exactly how hard it is to make an app , we wanted to discuss the other side: how the app creation process can be more efficient. We talked with app developers large and small that have successfully brought apps to market to accomplish this. With their mobile app creation tips, aspiring entrepreneurs (whether technical or not) can avoid the mistakes they made and get their app into customers’ hands faster. Let’s explore their strategies to create an app.

Build a Team

Diane Hamilton, co-founder & Managing Partner at Binary Formations

If you work with designers or aspire to, you must know their language in order to move projects along faster. This article explores how non-designers like entrepreneurs, marketers, and project managers can acquire the design skills they need to bridge the design gap. To dig into the topic, we spoke with professionals worldwide who have taught themselves design skills and work with designers often. From online programs taken in their spare time to institutionalized design training for the whole company, here’s what they had to say about gaining design skills to bridge the gap.

Start with Online Courses

There are so many online resources…

With spring fully in swing, limitless designers are releasing their new mobile interaction designs for the world to see. This month we dig into five designs that caught our eye due to their ability to take popular design philosophies and approach them from a new angle. Let’s get to the designs!

1. Day Planner iOS App by Gleb Kuznetsov

Calendar apps haven’t usually been the most design-centric as highly utilitarian tools, but this designer takes it to the next level by offering a minimal, focused design. What we appreciate about this mobile interaction design is its layout of cards that make it easy to see the calendar from…

With graduation around the corner for many designers, it will soon be time to hop into the working world. Getting a full-time job for the first time brings certain anxieties and things to avoid for designers (and professionals of any kind, for that matter). One way to keep this at bay is to look to seasoned designers who have been there and done that. To highlight lessons for designers (that they don’t have to learn the hard way), we tapped into pitfalls to avoid and best practices to work toward. Read on below to learn about all of them.

1. Avoid Working for Free


Coding skills are in high demand, and an engineering or computer science degree is not always a requirement to get a job as a developer. Instead of spending four or more years on a degree, many people turn to intensive programs that last several weeks or months. Students spend all week heads down learning the most popular coding languages and putting them to good use with hands-on projects. But the fact that there are so many programs out there means that potential students should seriously consider the pros and cons of the programs available to them. …

Designers worldwide are turning to their craft to make use of extra time during the lockdown and create fresh, innovative mobile interaction designs to give them hope for post-COVID life. This month we’ve gathered up five interesting designs to get your creative juices flowing. Let’s dive in!

1. Car Rental Mobile App by Alex.S for Etheric ⚡️

Renting a car is usually a straightforward process, one that has never incorporated any design-forward elements. Alex takes the experience to another level with liquid motions and rotating images. The welcome screen offers minimal information to easily see a card that shows them…

Our smartphones are full of great apps that help us get places, pay people, consume content and more. These apps have transformed our lives, but there are many more we wish we had. We were excited to get into this topic because the sky really is the limit for mobile apps. From a business idea stewing around in our heads to something we know isn’t technically feasible just yet, hearing about interesting mobile app ideas from others can help take our own ideas further.

We tapped into consumers and app creators alike to discuss interesting app ideas that haven’t been…

Design philosophies tap into schools of thought that bring out the best in the design world. In the past, we’ve explored the top 10 design philosophies of all time, and today we circle back to determine which philosophies still hold true five and a half years later. Read on below to hear our fresh take.

1. Form Versus Function

This is an age-old debate in the design community (one that we’ve engaged in ourselves.) The consensus seems to be that function comes first, and form must serve a function, but there is always room for debate. Design concerns itself with the coolest color schemes…

We can’t believe that spring is finally here. After a particularly dark winter, we’re becoming hopeful that change is on the horizon. Just as the flowers start blooming, so too do ideas from app designers from around the world. In this installment of the best mobile app designs, we dig into some sleek UIs that you can’t miss. Let’s get started!

1. CountThings by Dynamic Ventures, Inc.

We all know that amazing moment when technology solves real-world problems. CountThings is one such app that allows users to count objects with just a photo. Think about how much time this can save in various sectors: no more…

As this pandemic recedes with vaccine doses becoming more available, there is a global hope that it might be behind us soon. Despite the ups and downs of the winter, designers have been hard at work trying our new mobile interaction designs and wowing their fellow creatives on the opposite side of the world. This month we take a look at five designs that caught our attention and break down the key elements that designers might want to emulate.

1. Minimum Awesome Product by Lukáš Straňák for PLATFORM

We are totally for leaning into the “minimum awesome product” instead of the typical minimum advertised product. Lukáš approaches video recording…

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