All You Need to Know About Material Design

Why Do Designers Use Material Design Kits?

It’s much easier to design with a solid foundation provided by a Material Design kit.
  • App templates broken down by genre: Why reinvent the wheel when you can tap into existing designs that you can add your personal flavor to?
  • UI elements that make mobile experiences work smoothly, such as buttons, toggles, menus, badges, and more.
  • Resizable fonts that will work across Android devices.
  • Icons and color palette ideas.
  • The ability to resize your design based on specific types of mobile devices.

What a Designer Has to Say About it

Material Design kits can help with color selection as well.
  • “UI kits: Almost every UI designer likes to start a project with basic UI kits. These are very useful and save time that would be spent on beginning from scratch.
  • “Icons: Material Design introduces a selected icon style for two purposes. First, product icons are colorful with shades, and delightful details are dedicated to the app’s launcher icon symbols. The other in-app system icons are usually mono-color flat pictograms.
  • “Patterns: It is excellent for beginning market research. It has UIs from other platforms as well, with Material Design screenshots.”

Material Design Shortcuts Designers Need to Know

  • “After Effect shorts: It is one of the most creative and one of the most used apps. You can quickly animate or design anything.
  • “VS Code: It is a modern and open-source text and code editor. Very handy and easy to use; most developers use this.
  • “Transmit: It is the fastest macOS FTP client. Upload, download, and manage files on many servers with a simple, familiar, and powerful UI.”
With a solid Material Design kit, your mobile experience will work seamlessly across screen sizes. Speeds up Prototyping with its Material Design Library

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