Top 5 Mobile App Designs of Fall 2020

It’s hard to believe that it has been over six months since the world slowed to a halt due to coronavirus. We’ve adapted the way we work, play, learn, and live-for better or for worse. Across the world we’ve rolled with the punches and done our best to make the most of a very strange time. To help with that, we’ve dedicated our fall edition of the best mobile app designs to apps that are helping us thrive during uncertain times. Let’s dig in and see how you might be able to upgrade your life with these apps.

1. Pomotodo by Pomotodo

Source: Pomotodo

2. Edison Mail by Edison Mail

Source: Edison on Twitter

3. Dashlane by Dashlane

Source: Dashlane

4. Audible by Audible, Inc.

Source: USA Today

5. Relax Melodies by Ipnos Software

Source: Relax Melodies

That’s all for fall but be sure to check out last season’s edition, featuring the best mobile app designs of summer 2020 .

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Originally published at on October 6, 2020.

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