Top 5 Mobile Interaction Designs of February 2021
4 min readMar 1, 2021

It has been quite the start to the year. From extreme weather to political unrest to the ongoing pandemic, it is a lot to manage. In order to take your mind away from it all and get those creative juices flowing, we’ve put together our monthly installment of the best mobile interaction designs. Read on below to see our picks for February.

1. Weather App by KhoaVu

Weather apps are typically quite plain, but this mobile interaction design approaches the utility app with style and plenty of motion. First, as the temperature is calculated, the numbers tick up until they land on the current temperature. The air quality measure also ticks up along with the meter itself, moving from left to right until it lands on the correct PM2.5 level. This mobile interaction design even makes it fun to track weather in other areas, with animated cards to swipe through and click on to see how the weather is in a different location.

2. InfoVote by Outcrowd

Staying up to date with politics is an important way to be an informed citizen of the world. This app combines the ability to register to vote, explore the latest in political news, and read up on candidates for local races. The bright yellow grabs attention and encourages users to take political action. There are a ton of smooth motions for designers to enjoy when it comes to mobile interaction design. On the home screen, users can tap into political candidates, and their background and positions on important issues such as education and the economy quickly appear below. The app implements an effective cascade of options so that users can view as much or as little information as they like using arrows that switch directions to indicate if there is more content below.

3. Navia Drone by Sigit Setyo Nugroho for One Week Wonders

Drones are all the rage, and mobile apps are often needed to manage them. This mobile app interaction design helps users understand the features of their drones and keep track of battery power and flight history. We especially appreciate the care they put into showing multiple drone angles to fully convey the wingspan. Besides, the way that content blocks file onto the screen in order from top to bottom is a nice motion that draws the eye to those sections in the order that the creator intended. Lastly, call to action buttons expand and contract quite effectively. This gets users to take action to get started and advance in their education about their drone with simple changes to the size and copy of buttons.

4. Sneakers Store App by Purrweb UI

Retail apps are forever upping their game to provide sleek and new mobile experiences. This one, in particular, offers smooth motions to swipe through shoe options and product images quickly. We especially enjoy the simple size selection that involves swiping left to make squares with larger sizes appear on the conveyor belt of options. Adding the pair of shoes to a cart has a slightly different flow than other retail apps: first, a user taps on the right size, then tapping on the cart icon in the bottom right corner adds the item. The icon jumps up and changes from a gray cart icon to an orange circle with a “+1” inside it to acknowledge the new addition.

5. Search Animation Shot by Dmitry Lauretsky for Ronas IT

Lastly, we have a micro-microinteraction design, if you will. We’re always interested in redesigns of features that we all know, love, and use each day. Here, Dmitry takes a look at the search bar. In his reimagining of it, one tap expands the magnifying glass icon and inverts the colors. While it expands, the “x” button does a somersault to allow the user to close out at any time. Next, the user can tap in what they want to search, and the search options tumble down below.

That’s all for February but be sure to check out last month’s edition, featuring the best mobile interaction designs of January 2021 .

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