Top 5 Mobile Interaction Designs of February 2022
4 min readFeb 28, 2022

With another month coming to an end, we again look to the mobile interaction designs that have been keeping designers productive even when the news cycles seem to be overwhelmed with negative stories.

1. Sleeper — Meditation App by Atuka for UBANI

Meditation apps are all the rage because they help us find peaceful moments in a constantly in motion world. This mobile interaction design mixes the perfect combination of animation, emojis, and streaks to incentivize more mindfulness each day. The statistics page neatly displays a calendar, highlighting the days when the user meditated in yellow. On the next screen, the user can explore relaxing animations that entice them to tap in and begin a session, with one even featuring a firefly to complete its camping theme. Tapping into a meditation card enlarges the background image to give a serene setting for the session. And it tracks the progress with counters and a brightly colored visualization of the audio levels.

2. Add Expense by Andrew

Keeping track of expenses is essential to getting ahead financially. That’s why this app concept makes it easy to enter expenses and code them by payment type and product category. We love that the currency automatically converts, making it especially helpful for travelers or people living between countries. Then the user can scroll up to explore all of their recent expenses. Or, they can explore a graph with how much they’ve spent in recent days by swiping to the left and right on the black and white graph, which populates the exact expenses and their corresponding emojis below.

3. Delivery App by Purrweb UI/UX Studio

We love a good food delivery app, and this one is so vibrant. It focuses on fruit, nuts, and spices and keeps users’ attention with their bright product images. The oranges look so ripe and the honey so sweet. It makes use of a simple search bar, followed by categories and popular products section below with product images and pricing. Tapping on a product takes the user to a full product page with a large image, price, rating, description, and the ability to modify the quantity and then add it to their bag. This mobile interaction design is a simple way to encourage shoppers to order vitamin-rich foods for delivery.

4. Getir Splash Screen UI by creathive

Continuing on the delivery trend, this mobile interaction design offers an alternative that allows users to buy groceries, prepared foods, and household items with the tap of a finger. It clearly displays crucial information, such as your delivery location and the nearest store displayed on a map, and the minimums needed for an order. The search bar makes it easy to use text or voice to find what you’re craving. Typing in pizza (or choosing it from recently searched items) brings up several cards for product listings, first with frozen options, then with fresh pizzas offered by nearby pizzerias as well. Beyond the different product images, these products are visually differentiated by the first section arranged vertically, while the user can swipe through the hot pizza options horizontally below.

5. Furniture App by Fahad Ibn Sayeed for Musemind

What we like most about this mobile interaction design are the slow, exaggerated movements when swiping and tapping through. In addition, there are micro-interactions worth exploring, like the little price tag icon on a beautifully arranged product image that wiggles from right to left to inspire a user to click on it and get more product information, pricing, and the ability to add it to their cart. The app concept packs tons of product inspiration and styling recommendations into one brightly colored interface.

That’s all for February but be sure to check out last month’s edition, featuring the best mobile interaction designs of January 2022.

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