Top 5 Mobile Interaction Designs of March 2022
4 min readApr 7, 2022

It’s hard to believe that yet another month is almost under our belts, and despite the turmoil that is impacting every corner of the world, designers have put their creativity to good use to inspire us all. This month we bring you some mobile interaction designs that will give you ideas, whether you’re tinkering with transportation, finance, or analytics idea currently.

1. Spending Bubbles by Honcharov Maxim

There are countless fintech apps out there that try to help users visualize and improve their spending, but none accomplish the task quite like this concept. It adds up all monthly spending at the top of the screen and then visualizes it in bubbles by category that are sized according to how much was spent. The bubbles move around the screen, inviting the user to tap on one to break down their purchases. Tapping on the entertainment bubble sends it to the top of the screen, with logos, dates, company names, and amount populating below.

2. Uber Green Animation by Conceptzilla for Shakuro

Ordering a car at the tap of a button and having a stranger arrive to drive you to your destination has been normalized over the last decade. But the mobile experience really hasn’t progressed much in terms of understanding where your driver is. This mobile interaction design provides a new take on ensuring you get into the right car. It does offer the typical view of a dot representing the car moving along the map, but it also gives the ability to tap a button and see exactly what the driver sees. This has the potential to improve communication between driver and passenger.

3. Video Editor by Geex Arts

This is a concept for a creative app in which the user can quickly swipe through content, leave replies for the creator via video, and like their content. What really stuck out to us was the ability to hold down the yellow button toward the bottom of the screen to record your own video and swipe through filters before using another bright yellow button in the top right (the entire right side navigation pops up as the video is done filming and minimizes slightly) to send it on to the creator. Lastly, a little animation then pops up, showing a mailman delivering the message.

4. Total Followers & Likes Graph by Ümit Çelik

We included this interaction because of the obvious and delightful impact that it could have on the average data-driven mobile app interface. This might be used for analytics in a social media app. In this use case, a user advances by tapping the forward arrow, they are then greeted with a new graph showing likes or visitors broken down by week, month, or year. When looking at the data for “likes,” the data points start at the top, then move down to the bottom of the x-axis. When tapping on the followers tab, the data points for “visitors” start at the bottom of the screen, and then they shoot up to the proper “y” value. This is an interesting way to visually differentiate between types of analytics that could be helpful across app types.

5. Cryptocurrency Navigation by Lyashenko

Now you know we can’t help ourselves when we see a creative navigation bar! This one, in particular, animates each icon: separating and twirling the dashboard, turning around the stake, turning the settings gear, having the bridge components jump up and settle down, having the fund’s dollar sign pogo up and down, and the information’s bubble jump as if signaling a notification. While this navigation was intended for a website, we can clearly see the applications for mobile interaction designs.

That’s all for March but be sure to check out last month’s edition, featuring the best mobile interaction designs of February 2022.

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