Top 5 Mobile Interaction Designs of May 2021

With spring fully in swing, limitless designers are releasing their new mobile interaction designs for the world to see. This month we dig into five designs that caught our eye due to their ability to take popular design philosophies and approach them from a new angle. Let’s get to the designs!

1. Day Planner iOS App by Gleb Kuznetsov

2. Jobler by RD UX/UI for RonDesignLab

3. Drawer Navigation by Geoffrey

4. Workout Configuration by Den Klenkov for Fireart Studio

5. Online Digital Loan Exploration by Azie Melasari for Odama

That’s all for May but be sure to check out last month’s edition, featuring the best mobile interaction designs of April 2021.

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Originally published at on May 26, 2021.

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