Top 5 Mobile Interaction Designs of October 2021

This month we’ve got some exciting mobile interaction designs for you from designers that span the globe. They tackle social media, banking, and human resources in a novel way to make everyday interactions more seamless and even delightful. Let’s jump right and discuss their use of cards, colors, and quick transitions.

1. Social Media App by QClay

This mobile interaction design starts off with a feed like Instagram. The user can scroll through to see images and captions and choose to “heart” anything they like. Tapping on the chat icon in the top right corner brings up the messaging function, allowing users to scroll through their messages and tap into the one they want to respond to. At this point, the chat icon also disappears and a notification icon switches to the middle of the screen, showing how many notifications the user has in red. Swiping down on the icon brings up the activity screen, showing recent notifications.

2. Sales CRM App by Purrweb UI

Sales teams have tough jobs, with so many prospects to follow up with. This mobile interaction design aims to make that job easier by keeping all action items and metrics in one place. We especially appreciate how this app concept packs so much information into such a small space without being overwhelming. The home icon shows the user what immediate tasks they need to complete and displays the general trajectory of their sales pipeline in the lower half of the screen. Tapping on the lightning bolt icon brings up two graphs, further expanding on the metrics for that month. A pink line moves around a circular graph, showing how much of the monthly quota has been met. Similarly, the pink graph below springs to life and shows daily progress.

3. BlockFi Deposit Animation by Phil Goodwin for unfold

This mobile interaction design rethinks (a platform to buy, sell and earn cryptocurrency) app’s cash deposit flow. Starting from the home screen, users can quickly overview their account value, how it has changed recently, and interest payments. Tapping on “deposit” sends all the content cascading down the screen until it completely disappears. Then the number pad moves up to take over the screen. Then the user can enter in the deposit amount and complete the transaction on the next screen after they authorize the transaction. In essence, the smooth transitions caught our attention in this crypto app.

4. Leave Management App by Mirek Nepelski for Netguru

Requesting time off can be a pain, depending on what system your company uses. This mobile interaction design aims to simplify the process by tracking your time off and making new requests. On the home screen, you can understand how much time off you have used and have outstanding at a glance, then clicking on the plus sign allows you to make a new request. A user can then select the type of time off, then choose dates by tapping on the calendar. All the call to action buttons feature an aesthetically pleasing orange gradient that increases in intensity to red when tapped.

5. Food Delivery App by Purrweb UI

This app concept displays an easy way to select healthy groceries for delivery. Tapping on the categories near the top of the screen flips a collection of cards to the left or right to show associated products. Then swiping down the screen displays more products to consider. Finally, tapping on a product that the user wants to explore further expands the product at the top of the screen. Three dots from the food’s color palette even pop out, giving an extra flair of personality that we don’t usually experience in the run-of-the-mill food delivery apps.

That’s all for October but be sure to check out last month’s edition, featuring the best mobile interaction designs of September 2021.

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